Brown, Van Remmen, Kanuit, Inc.
We do more than fill seats. We're strategic consulting partners with your goals in mind.

As Executive Search Specialists and experienced professionals in the fields of Advertising, Media Sales, Marketing, and Digital Marketing, we at BVK, Inc., take our role as your strategic consulting partner very seriously.

Our clarity of vision makes us an invaluable strategic partner. Learn how our 360-degree, consultative approach, our depth of experience in your industry, and more, make us your best choice.

Our interest in helping you flourish in a successful career is not completely altruistic. You see, as you grow, we grow along with you. Most of our candidates end up being our clients. Start now.

In serving both our clients and our candidates, we strive to provide the best in personalized recruiting and placement services to meet your needs and exceed your expectations with integrity and professionalism.

We’re based in Los Angeles and serve all areas of the country, particularly the advertising hubs of Los Angeles, Chicago, Detroit, San Francisco, and New York.